About us

The Quality Standard in Bespoke Women’s Fashion

     For an extensive selection of quality, custom designed clothing and apparel, more women choose Dashdorj for all of their stylish, affordable women’s clothing. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of professionally designed, hand-made women’s clothing, designed to meet your needs and your own personal sense of style and character. When you want a quality selection and a company that cares about bringing you the very best they have to offer, shop Dashdorj today and see what we have in store for you.

The Dashdorj Philosophy

     Regionally headquartered in Washington DC area and serving the global fashion community, Dashdorj was founded with the goal of providing high quality, stylish, affordable and customized women's wear for the modern trophy woman. We have served the fashion needs of women all over the world since 2012 and our team of stylists, designers and artisan tailors create everything in house to ensure our customers receive an exceptional line of clothing.

     Dashdorj aims to offer our customers a higher level of service and support they won’t find anywhere else. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is imperative to our success. 

Our Founder

     Hi, my name is Cindy Dashdorj and I am the founder and head designer here at Dashdorj. I want to take the time to personally thank you for visiting us today and for learning more about who we are and what we do. Growing up in Hungary, I was a tomboy of sorts and, due to the shape of my body (I was a swimmer), I could never find clothing that fit me properly and complemented my shape.

     Thankfully, my mother was a professional pattern make and seamstress, and my father was a professional garment presser. I learned a lot watching them and, as I grew older, I found myself once again searching for clothes that fit me properly with no luck. I decided right then and there to start creating my own clothing as well as clothing for other women with those hard-to-fit body styles. Thus, Dashdorj was born.

Why Choose Us?

     Every piece in our collection is individually made to order, by hand. This ensures quality and value throughout the design and manufacture process. We offer unique and trendsetting designs you wont find anywhere else. Shop with us today and experience the recognition you deserve as the modern trophy woman. 

Connect With Dashdorj Today!

     Get social with Dashdorj on Instagram, drop us a line via email at: info@dashdorj.com, or to learn more about Dashdorj and the latest additions to our collection, fill out the contact form on our website and let one of our knowledgeable representatives assist you with your order or product selection and answer any questions you might have.

     We appreciate your continued patronage and would like to thank you for visiting us today and for making Dashdorj the world’s foremost supplier of beautifully designed women’s clothing for today’s modern woman.